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Using Compact Enterprise TM is surprisingly easy, but the results can be amazing as it provides more:

    •Confidence from stable base operations
    •Adaptability from configurable systems
    •Power from systematic automation

This is really different, no tool, component, method, application or software even aspires to these results for your enterprise.  But this is exactly what you need to move forward and capture opportunities..

Compact Enterprise TM is simple, more empowering, and forward looking. . . A vehicle for the business journey into your new era.

Welcome to IntegraSphere TM
The journey beyond basic small business success is very challenging, and can be overly demanding unless the owner-developer has a business system that is a real vehicle to power their emerging enterprise.  Compact Enterprise TM is just such a system, a vehicle for the business journey.
    Stabilize Operations and Control
        Make execution predictable
        Reduce chaos and crisis events
    Reclaim Time for Your Priorities

     It is very simple and easy for you and your staff to use,
      Without investing in any technology (capital) or software,
      It works with a web browser on your PC, from anywhere,
      It is a secure web service delivered online and ready to use.
We bring the advantages of today’s most compelling new kind of operations and control system, IntegraSphere Compact Enterprise TM to accomplished owner-developers who lead in new ways of getting results, and achieving greater success on their enterprise journey.
Does this fit your style? Take our assessment here.
We work with clients who are trendsetters, people who discover or create some of the most exciting opportunities for compact enterprises.  That’s very important because, together, we are the source of our economy’s real innovation and vitality.

Very focused, and willing to exploit new ways to achieve results, we are relentless in our determination to succeed the old fashioned way, by earning it.

We often exploit technologies that are ready for prime time, in new ways that solve difficult problems for the first time – like how to get tighter 24x7 business controls and more pure flexibility for compact enterprise growth -- at the same time!

This simple sounding but remarkable result is achievable today using the unique
IntegraSphere Compact Enterprise System TM.  It works fast for those who can change the way they do a few things.

We are excited to be helping our innovative clients learn more ways to take advantage of their own remarkable energy and creativity.

Compact Enterprise TM
Power for Your Journey
     The Power of   Compact Enterprise TM
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The Power of Compact Enterprise
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"The Compact Enterprise TM is, by our definition, a closely unified, systematically automated, and industrious business that undertakes challenging ventures in order to bring very distinctive value to their customer set. The organization is modest and streamlined, and the mission is very clear and concise."
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IntegraSphere Inc.

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